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An Exciting Step Forward

Board of Directors recommend merger of three credit unions.
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There are so many reasons and you may have questions; see our answers here.
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A choice. As a cooperative, our members will make a choice and have the final say when asked to vote in the fall of 2024.
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What do you see when you look at rural Saskatchewan? We see a tapestry of communities built through generations of hardworking people. We see families and friends, small businesses and expansive farms. We see neighbours helping neighbours. We see rolling hills, prairie waves and forests, all connected by a night sky that will take your breath away.

Rural Saskatchewan is home to three credit unions that see what you see. We share the same values that shape your life here. Supporting that way of life is why we exist today. Growing that way of life is why we’re exploring whether to become one credit union tomorrow.

The Boards of all three credit unions invite you to Join us, contribute your opinions, and if it makes sense, drive Saskatchewan’s rural prosperity together. This website will help us complete the journey step by step.

What makes a potential merger between Cypress, Diamond North and Prairie Centre Credit Unions unique is our shared partnership approach and our focus on positive possibilities. We enter this exploration as good neighbours in keeping with our rural roots. And our goal is to understand the challenges but to focus on the gains. We see three clear upsides if we do this right.

Our Members

A single credit union supporting rural Saskatchewan, all designed for our rural ways of life and focused on the well-being of our members…

  • To provide enhanced services and investments in the future.
  • To invest the savings made possible by scale.
  • To improve technology, products and pricing.

Our Employees

Three credit unions merged into one will…

  • Give our employees more career opportunities.
  • Add more variety of roles and access to better, more efficient training.

Our Communities

Connecting every community we serve today through one credit union, to be better able to sustain financial services tailored for the places we call home today.

  • More capacity to help more businesses and invest more in our community partners.
  • Allows us to give back to communities through sponsorships and volunteerism.

Better for members, better for employees and communities: That is the potential of a merger between willing and equal partners. Not because we have to but because it makes sense.

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